Artist Adds Pandas to Famous Logos to Make them More Entertaining

William Chua, an illustrator from Singapore, recently decided to reimagine logos and names of famous companies in a completely unexpected and adorable way.

Each of Chua’s works in his “Fake brands” series is dedicated to pandas and features these cute giants as the central theme. For example, the famous energy drink company Red Bull became Bed Pull, while their iconic logo of two charging bulls is replaced by two napping pandas.

According to Chu, the project was conceived during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown and was supposed to be a one-time thing. However, his fake brands quickly became popular on Instagram, and he decided to keep the series alive.

“The idea is to keep people guessing which is the original logo being recreated and have a laugh over the re-interpretation,” says Chua about the project.

Check out more of Chua’s panda brands below!