Liam Carpenter’s Hilarious Videos are Poking Fun at German Stereotypes

Liam Carpenter was still a teen when he moved from the UK to Germany to play basketball, but that’s not the reason why he now has millions of TikTok and Instagram followers. His life took a wild turn when he started sharing hilarious videos poking fun at German stereotypes.

Carpenter spent seven years playing professional basketball in Germany, but he completely changed his career trajectory in 2021. He started posting about his life in Germany on TikTok and Instagram, and his first video inspired him to keep going after receiving a million views.

Carpenter attracted a huge audience thanks to his “In Germany We Don’t Say” series, which became a huge hit with people who know what it’s like to live as a foreigner in this country. Many of his videos are also inspired by Germany’s food, culture, and recycling habits.

Carpenter’s videos became a huge hit because they’re not trying to poke fun at Germans, but offer a relatable link that connects everyone who’s ever lived in this country.

“I use a lot of self-irony and have a dry sense of humor, and it doesn’t come across as mean. It’s a very relatable point of view… I get messages from people who used to live in Germany but now live in England or America, and they thank me for reminding them of home,” he told Business Spotlight.