Artist Builds Extremely Detailed Miniature Replicas of Old Computers

Fascinated by old technology, Montreal, Canada-based artist Nicolas Temese is creating miniature replicas of old computers, vintage keyboards, and hard drives. His works are built from scratch and extremely detailed, with the goal of preserving the history of early computing.

Temese has a day job as a technical director at an animation studio. When he gets back home, he spends hours researching the old manuals and literature and looking at the photos of the vintage computers so he can recreate them in his miniatures.

Temese is so dedicated to his project because of his passion for early computing and fascination with the inner workings of old technology.

“The desire to create intricate and detail work, finding ways of making the most accurate miniature possible is what drives me,” he explains on his website.

His miniatures, ranging from 1:10 to 1:16 scale, are mostly made with polystyrene sheets and polymer clay. They are processed with sandpaper and coated with paint to receive a realistic look.

Because they are so detailed and intricate, Temese can take months to finish a single miniature. Some of his projects even took more than half a year to be completed.

Temese shares his works on social media and offers them for purchase to interested collectors and vintage technology enthusiasts. Check out more of them below.