Check Out These Intriguing Illustrations of Runners By Jack Fletcher

Edinburgh, Scotland-based illustrator Jack Fletcher is using his passion for running as an inspiration for a series of intriguing illustrations. His works show runners through the effect of a wide-angle lens, placing focus on a particular part of their body in an attempt to capture the sense of motion.    

Fletcher started this series when he made several illustrations featuring runners as part of a rebranding project for one running shop in Edinburgh. He enjoyed making these artworks so much that he decided to continue making them.

According to Fletcher, he hopes his works can prompt sports audiences to take a bigger interest in creative disciplines and the creative community to consider giving sports like running a chance. The artist himself actually wasn’t a fan of sports at first but came to enjoy running as a form of exercise.

“I think there is a lot of great crossover potential between the creative community and, say, the running community, and continuing to explore what is happening on the intersecting fringes of both is really exciting,” Fletcher shared in a recent interview with It’s Nice That

You can check out more of Fletcher’s illustrations on his social media or by scrolling below.