Sneaker Designer is Making Custom Kicks for Horses

Marcus Floyd, a designer from Lexington, Kentucky, is making a revolution in the world of sneakers by creating custom kicks for horses.

A few years back, Floyd, who is the founder of the fashion brand Infinite Kustomz, was approached by Visit Lex, a tourism agency from his hometown, with the idea of making custom sneakers for horses. Lexington proudly views itself as the “horse capital of the world”, and Visit Lex believed it could be a fun way to promote the city and establish horses as athletes.

Floyd ended up creating several custom kicks for horses by retrofitting human sneakers designed by Nike, Adidas, and New Balance. The sneakers, which were later auctioned off for charity, caused quite a buzz and prompted Floyd to turn the project into a full business.

Floyd established a brand named Horse Kicks and has been making custom kicks for horses ever since. He isn’t just retrofitting existing models but is also creating his own designs. According to him, there is a growing market for his product, and he intends to continue exploring it.

“There’s a huge market for shoes for these athletes, whether they’re running in them, jumping or just traveling to the show,” Floyd told The Washington Post in a previous interview.

You can check out more of these cool custom kicks for horses below.