Household Items Created By Home Studyo Look Like They Are Inflatable

Home Studyo, a design studio based in Belgium, recently unveiled an intriguing collection of household items that look like they are made out of inflatable material.

All of the items from the “Blow Up” collection are made of sturdy ceramic, making their fragile looks even more captivating while serving as a testament to the creativity of the Home Studyo designers and craftsmen. Their unusual design, paired with vibrant colors, ensures that they will bring a quirky note to every home while being practical.

The “Blow Up” collection consists of jugs, vases, planters, and mirror frames. Each item is available in a range of colors, allowing customers to pick out the one that best fits their interior décor.

According to Home Studyo, their goal is to “inspire you to curate your own space of happiness, a place where you can joyfully express your individuality and connect with the people you love.” In order to do so, they are focused on creating handmade and affordable objects that come with a unique twist. By doing this, they hope to fill the gap between “high-end exclusive collectible design and the impersonal mass production.”

You can check out more of the items from the “Blow Up” collection below.