Eric Wert’s Still Life Oil Paintings are Astonishingly Realistic

Eric Wert is a Portland, Oregon-based artist who specializes in oil paintings of still life. Influenced by works of notable Dutch Golden Age still life painters, Wert is creating astonishingly realistic depictions of fruit, flowers, and plants at the peak of their freshness.  

Wert has a long-time experience in scientific illustration, which plays a great part in his creative process. He is focused on getting every detail right, whether it’s adding a drop of water resting on a flower petal or getting the surface texture right to the very last spore.

According to Wert, he chooses common subjects like flowers and fruit because there is much more to them than we initially perceive.

“The experience of painting common subjects reveals just how unknowable they truly are. The more I look, the more mysterious the world becomes: we are on an alien planet enveloped by other life, “the artist shared in a recent chat with Realism Today.

Wert’s works have been exhibited all over the world and can be found in private and public collections. The artist also shares his newest works on social media while also providing his followers insight into his creative process. Scroll down to check more of his still life oil paintings.