Self-Taught Canadian Artist Creates Beautiful Woodburning Art

Court O’Reilly is a Canadian self-taught artist who turns ordinary wood slabs into beautiful woodburning art. Her works are full of impressively detailed portrayals of animals, portraits, landscapes, and architectural designs.

O’Reilly, who cites nature as her biggest inspiration, created her first piece of woodburning art in 2016. It took her six hours to finish it, but she was immediately captivated by the process and discovered that it had a relaxing effect on her.

“It is not hard to say I was instantly hooked,” she shares on her website. “Seeing my finished art piece for the first time made me smile, but reflecting on the passed six hours made me smile even bigger. I found something that I could fully relax, be present, and immerse myself in. Being creative felt so good.”

Since then, O’Reilly made over 400 commissioned woodburning artworks as well as numerous personal designs. Additionally, this talented artist also ventured into other woodburning works like custom charcuterie boards and canoe paddles while closely collaborating with local woodworkers.

O’Reilly frequently updates her social media accounts with her newest works while also providing tips and tricks for those who would like to try woodburning themselves. You can check out more of her pieces by scrolling below.