Jaime Sanchez’s Digital Art Will Make You Look Differently at Famous Brands

Digital artist Jaime Sanchez is creating works that will make you look at famous brands a bit differently. In his digital art, these brands lend their recognizable logos and colors to all sorts of unexpected products.

Browsing through Sanchez’s works, you can see an Oreo cookie that has been turned into a pizza cutter, KitKat-branded toothpaste, KitKat toothbrush, LEGO toilet paper, Nintendo Walkman, and much more.

Sanchez’s digital art is colorful, complex, and unusual, so you have to wonder how he gets inspired by all of those intriguing creations. As it turns out, the answer to that question is quite simple.

“I’m inspired by everyday objects and things easily accessible to us,” Sanchez told Bored Panda in a recent interview. “But without a doubt, my main inspiration is Andy Warhol. My works are based on simple and colorful compositions like those of Warhol, but I add a touch of surrealism and concept.”

Sanchez also doesn’t complicate his creative process too much. He explains that he simply takes an object and then gives it a new meaning. It just so happens that the result ends up being quite captivating, judging by the popularity of his works on social media.