Internet Users Are Amazed By Scotland’s Cake Fridge That Operates on an Honesty System

You are probably familiar with the concept of honesty libraries. A selection of books is left in a public space unmanned, and readers can freely take a book they like, read it, and then return it. But as it turns out, this honesty system can be successfully applied to other things, including cake fridges.

X (former Twitter) user @TheSassyBirdie recently shared a post in which she detailed her discovery of a cake fridge on the Shetland Islands, Scotland, that works on an honesty system. She spotted the fridge while watching a detective series, Shetland, and wanted to know whether it was real or just a prop. As it turns out, it was more than real.

Her post soon went viral, being viewed more than 250K times, with internet users amazed by the concept. 

“Normalize cake fridges!” wrote one X user.

Other X users shared their own experiences with the honesty system. As it turns out, similar concepts are being employed in other parts of Great Britain, Canada, and the United States.

“I’ve seen the honor system on everything from chocolate cheesecake, to veggies and eggs, to art in rural parts of Atlantic Canada. There will be a wee outbuilding filled with the offerings and a money box. It’s one of my favorite things,” @ruby_whiskers shared.

The cake fridge spotted by @TheSassyBirdie is operated by The Original Cake Fridge, a small bakery that is an hour away from the location of the fridge. Its staff updates the contents of the fridge on a daily basis and makes sure to have it stocked with all sorts of cakes and other desserts. If you happen to find yourself on the Shetland Islands one of these days, make sure to pay it a visit.