Weatherman Sneaks Lyrics of Disturbed’s Hit Song “Down with the Sickness” Into His Report

Weather reports are usually not considered must-see TV, but weatherman Adam Krueger is trying to change it. Krueger recently captured the attention of television viewers and social media users by sneaking lyrics of Disturbed’s hit song “Down with the Sickness” into his report.

Krueger works as a chief meteorologist at the television channel CW39 Houston. Looking to make his weather reports more fun for himself and the viewers, he decided to start inserting quotes from movies and popular songs while delivering weather forecasts. Over time, he began also accepting various challenges from his social media followers.

In a video posted on his TikTok profile earlier this year, Krueger can be seen listening to “Down with the Sickness” while driving to work. The clip then cuts to Krueger’s weather report that day, in which he amazingly manages to sneak the majority of the song’s lyrics, including the famous “ooh wah-ah-ah-ah.”

Arguably the best moment of the clip came towards the end, when he talked about cedar pollen. 

“If you suffer from cedar pollen, it’s really rough. I need to psyche myself up to basically go outside, like … Get up, come on, get down with the sickness,” Krueger tells the viewers.

Krueger’s video became a huge hit on TikTok, receiving more than five million views while also getting the attention of Disturbed. The band’s official TikTok account commented on the video, writing: “Epic, thanks Adam!” alongside several emojis.

Check out this amusing clip below.


Replying to @leeoakley This song might actually be about cedar pollen 😆. @disturbed #downwiththesickness #sneakingwordsintheweather #metal

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