Rachel Altschuler Creates Amazing Oil Portraits of Birds

We rarely see birds being featured as subjects of portrait paintings. However, the works of Pennsylvania-based artist Rachel Altschuler show that they deserve this treatment as much as anyone else.

Altschuler creates oil portraits of birds that capture all of their beauty, personalities, and unique features that make them so captivating. Her works feature an array of different bird species, ranging from tiny, colorful birds like hummingbirds to larger birds like flamingos.  

According to Altschuler, she was always attracted to birds’ unique energy and spirits, and over the years, they became her favorite subject. 

“Every type of bird has its own set of personality traits, which I try to bring out by painting them in portrait style, and by paying special attention to detail in the eyes. The fun part for me is watching their personalities come to life with each brush stroke,” the artist explains on her website.

Altschuler’s bird portraits have gained her recognition in the art community and among art collectors. Her works are currently on display in several galleries in the United States, and she plans to open her own gallery later in 2024.

Those who don’t have the opportunity to see these amazing bird portraits in person can check them out through Altschuler’s Instagram page, where the artist regularly shares her newest pieces.