Designer Reimagines Everyday Objects as Quirky New Products

For designer Nikolas Bentel, everyday objects shouldn’t be constrained to their primary use. He reimagines them as new products that look quirky but have a practical use.

For example, Bentel has turned a simple red electric cable into a classy bag that you can use to free up your pockets. A credit card, on the other hand, becomes a knife that cuts butter but also presents a strong commentary on the capitalist culture.

As you dive into Bentel’s portfolio a bit deeper, his creations become more amusing and unexpected. One of the most intriguing ones has to be The Pizza Bag. Designed in the shape of a pizza slice, it is perfect for those who want to have their favorite food with them at all times in case of emergency pizza craving. And best of all, it is big enough to fit a large New York City pizza slice.

According to Bentel, his products and performances aim to “engage viewers to reimagine their everyday objects” while also serving as a storytelling item.

“I make storytelling objects,” he explained in an interview with Surface Mag. “The objects can serve a function, but their main intention is to tell a story. Whether that story is about how the object was made, commentary on a current idea, or simply a physical embodiment of a joke, everything I make has a narrative.”

Scroll down to check out more of his quirky creations.