Gemini Cake Design’s Creations Will Give You Nostalgia Overload

We’ve seen countless cake trends come and go over the years, but what if you’re just craving a good old dessert that will take you decades back into the past? Gemini Cake Design’s creations are just the thing you’re looking for, and each one will give you a major nostalgia overload.

Gemini Cake Design was founded by Tay Stevens, who’s based in Austin, Texas. She’s been honing her baking skills for quite some time, and she eventually decided to share them with the world, attracting 160,000 followers on Instagram and 280,000 more on TikTok, where her videos attracted over 10 million views.

It’s pretty difficult to stand out in the sea of cake artists on social media these days, but Stevens put her name on the map by leaning into ’70s and ’80s nostalgia. Most of her cakes look straight out of these eras and their retro quality helped them become a huge hit.

Stevens also enjoys leaning into a whimsical, dreamy aesthetic and fully embracing it when crafting her cakes. The name of her brand, Gemini Cake Design, also suggests that she’s a huge astrology lover, so you’ll find many zodiac-inspired cakes on her Instagram, from “Spicy Pisces” to “Aries Baby”.