Mahum Crochets’ Adorable Bags Will Give You Cuteness Overload

Crocheting experienced a true boom in recent years, and if you’re thinking of giving it a shot, now’s the time. Mahum Crochets is one of the internet’s best sources of crochet inspiration, and she rocked our world with her signature dreamy crochet bags.

Mahum is one of the many crochet artists who rose to prominence during the pandemic when crocheting became a popular lockdown hobby. She stuck to it for the years to come, and she now has over a million followers across several social media platforms, including 500,000 subscribers on YouTube alone.

We’ve seen Mahum make everything from book covers and hats to pad coasters and toys over the years, but her adorable bags are our absolute favorite. They come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes, and can help you add a dreamy, vintage twist to your looks.

Mahum’s creations are inspired by books and all things cute, and she’s not gatekeeping her talent. Part of the reason why she attracted so many followers is her dedication to helping other people improve their crocheting skills.

“I’ve been crocheting for around two years during which I struggled (a lot), but now that I’m more experienced, I want to share my knowledge, techniques, and accessible patterns for other crocheters out there,” she explains on her blog.