Eunmi Song’s Tattoos Fuse Art and Popular Culture in Perfect Harmony

Many tattoo artists see popular culture as a major source of inspiration, but Eunmi Song took things to a whole new level. Her tattoos are often inspired by our favorite movies and TV shows, while also paying homage to the famous paintings we all know and love.

Song is an extremely talented tattoo artist based in Los Angeles, who works at the GREY Studio. She’s using the power of social media to put her art on the map and attract new clients, and her Instagram page is followed by over 500,000 people.

Song is a pretty versatile tattoo artist, capable of bringing pretty much everyone’s vision to life, and her tattoos explore many different themes. Her work often blurs the lines between popular culture and timeless artistry, and some of her most popular tattoos combine the elements of famous paintings with iconic scenes from movies and TV shows.

Song seamlessly integrates elements of popular culture into his designs, but her tattoos aren’t just regular copycats. Whether it’s portraits of My Neighbor Totoro infused with the ethereal brushstrokes of Van Gogh and Claude Monet or a scene from One Piece reimagined in the style of Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa, Song’s tattoos are the best of both worlds and they’ll inspire you to see familiar pop culture moments through a new lens.