Tanya Khanijow Left Her 9-to-5 Job to Travel the World Full-Time

Image via tanyakhanijow/Instagram

Tanya Khanijow was pretty sure she’d work a regular 9-to-5 job after spending years studying engineering, but life took her in a completely different direction. She went on to become one of India’s leading travel influencers after taking the leap of faith and deciding to travel the world full-time.

Khanijow fell in love with travel at a young age since her family often moved to new cities due to her father’s job in the Indian Army. This helped her develop an adaptability that most of her peers didn’t have, in addition to igniting her passion for exploring the world.

Khanijow’s restless spirit stayed with her even after she graduated from Delhi Technological University in 2016. She didn’t hate her 9-to-5 job and had a pretty decent salary, but eventually decided to leave it all behind because she felt like something was missing.

She started creating travel content as a side hustle but eventually decided to pursue it full-time, and she’s now using her platform to inspire other people to hit the road.

“I am somebody who loves adventure, new cultures, different experiences, and all the good things that one can learn outside of the comfort of our homes. I want to experience all that this beautiful earth has for us humans, document it along the way, and share it with you,” she writes on her official website.