Black Dragon Owner Cheyenne Acero Glass is a Real-Life Khaleesi

If you watched Game of Thrones and wished that having a dragon was possible in real life, you’re not alone. Cheyenne Acero Glass calls herself the Real Khaleesi, and she became a true social media sensation after she started sharing snippets from her life with a black dragon.

Water monitors are commonly known as black dragons, and they’re one of the largest lizard species in the world. They became a pretty popular species thanks to their distinctive color, and Glass was immediately drawn to them. She’s the owner of two black dragons – Kayda and Killua – in addition to sharing her home with several dogs and cats.

Despite inspiring many people to welcome a black dragon into their homes, Glass wouldn’t recommend it to just anyone. They’re not an average house pet, and it takes a lot of time, energy, patience, and money, to take proper care of them.

“I get a little concerned with how many people ask where they can buy a black dragon. I make keeping [Kayda and Killua] look easy and it is for me but it wasn’t always easy. It was a lot of hard work and I still socialize with them on a daily basis,” she explains on her Instagram.