These Two Shiba Inu Twins Do Everything Together And It’s So Cute

In the world of Instagram pet celebrities, Shiba Inus often steal the show with cute looks. Among them, one account has captured the hearts of thousands with one adorable duo–Shiba Inus who are identical in everything but color. Let’s take a look. 

The Twin Stars

The stars of this account are a pair of Shiba Inu “twins” whose antics and togetherness are irresistibly charming. Each post on the account has them doing the exact same thing like mirrors of each other. They have dozens of matching outfits and fun tricks to keep you smiling. 

A Day in Their Paws

Each post on their Instagram gives a glimpse into their daily lives, filled with playful antics, synchronized napping, and explorations. Whether they are basking in the sun, running around in their house, playing in their house, or trying new foods, they do it together. 

A Source of Shiba Inu Love and Inspiration

For anyone considering adopting a Shiba Inu, or for those who are just fans of the breed, the account is a treasure trove of inspiration. Shiba Inu are so smart and with good training can be some of the sweetest dogs.