NY Bakery Becomes Viral After Making John Oliver Cake Bear

HBO’s talk show The Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is known for their unexpected and amusing stunts. It is a show that once started a church, convinced Danbury, Connecticut officials to name a sewage plant after its host, and interfered with New Zealand’s Bird of the Century vote. And now, they convinced Deising’s Bakery and Restaurant in Kingston, New York, to create a cake bear with John Oliver’s face on it.

It all started when the show won an auction to acquire the contents of a closed Red Lobster in Kingston as part of a segment on the restaurant’s struggles. But when the staff came to pick everything up, they found a hand-written note on a door from a Deising’s owner, who inquired about getting some kitchen equipment for his own establishment.


We owe a few people an apology. For more on how we plan to make good with the people at Deising’s Bakery, watch last Sunday’s full episode on Max.

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Since the show already donated the equipment, Oliver made a proposal to Deising’s; he would purchase the equipment they needed under the condition that they make a cake bear with his face and put it on sale.

The bakery jumped on the opportunity and started selling the cakes the very next day. Additionally, they created a large-scale cake replica of Oliver as a bear. The Last Week Tonight host was delighted, but so were the local foodies and social media users with Deising’s going viral.

Deising’s John Oliver cake bears were flying off the shelves, with the bakery turning it into a noble cause and donating all the proceeds to a local food bank. Oliver later also pitched in with a donation of $10,000.

So, if you find yourself in Kingston, make sure to visit Deising’s and try their new cake bears. They are apparently quite good.