“People I’ve Loved” Illustration Will Help You Feel Less Alone

Love is the most wonderful feeling in the world, but it can also break you into a thousand tiny pieces. No one knows this better than Carissa Potter, the founder of People I’ve Loved, whose simple yet deep illustrations aim to help people feel less alone in this complicated world.

Potter used to work at Colpa Press but decided to take a leap of faith in 2011 and leave it all behind to start her own company. People I’ve Loved was born, and their illustrations fully embrace the whole range of human emotions, allowing you to explore your nostalgic thoughts, buried longings, and hopes for the future.

“Our objects, cards, prints, paintings, and books are meant to facilitate connection between people and help them have authentic, sometimes difficult conversations… We are in search of the miraculous-yet-tragic definition of what it means to exist in this time and space,” reads the brand’s official website.

Potter is no longer alone in this mission and she works with a wonderful team of wonderful people who are spreading the People I’ve Loved mission. In addition to being followed by over 900,000 people on Instagram, Potter also published three books of illustrations and worked with many major brands, magazines, and art foundations.