Abstract Brushstroke Portraits by Teppei Takeda

Teppei Takeda, an artist from Japan, is known for his abstract portraits that he creates with gestural brushstrokes. His portraits don’t show faces, but he still manages to give plenty of character to them. For achieve this, he uses bold colors and contrast.

Takeda basically hid from the public for ten years, a period during which he constantly worked on his art. In 2016, he was finally ready to introduce his art to the world and he did so in a local gallery Kuguru. His current gallerist, Maho Kubota Gallery, remembers this event vividly.

“There was no special advertising or publicity, but the ten portraits that he exhibited had such an impact on viewers that the news soon spread, reaching people who would travel to Yamagata from far away to see his works and collectors hoping to buy.”

You can see some of Takeda’s portraits below.