Allison Loveall is Baking Beautiful Sourdough Bread Paintings

You have probably noticed that the popularity of sourdough bread is at an all-time high. It appears that everyone is baking or at least trying to bake sourdough bread. And we don’t blame them because it looks spectacular and tastes even better. You’ll find plenty of sourdough enthusiasts on social media, and what some of them do is pure art. This is especially the case with Allison Loveall, who is baking sourdough bread paintings.

Loveall captured the attention of Instagram users with videos and photos that show her adorning sourdough bread with all sorts of artworks. This includes beautiful depictions of colorful flowers that make it a shame to even cut into the bread.

In a recent chat with Insider, Loveall shared that she actually got introduced to sourdough bread painting through social media herself. After watching some videos, she decided to give it a go herself, and her first try ended up being a success.

Since then, she has been sharing her sourdough bread art online, and internet users seem like they can’t get enough. 

“It’s so cool to know you can create something you love, and if other people love it, then it can go viral and inspire millions,” she shared with Insider.