André Derainne Draws Comics About Ho Chi Minh

André Derainne’s latest project is a comic series that explores the culture, architecture, and food of Ho Chi Minh City. He worked on the comics during the lockdowns and restrictions in France when he found himself with more free time. The series is titled Un Orage Par Jour, which translates to “one storm a day”.

Derainne’s goal always was to tell a story of a big city, where people wander the streets and taste the food available there. “For me,” he tells It’s Nice That, “cities are small-scale representations of the world: people of all origins, all ages, all social classes mixed within a territory that is itself diverse, and despite all this diversity, an identity, an atmosphere specific to these cities, emerges.”

The project consists of 10 chapters that tell a simple story. Each part represents the diversity of the city and one side of its rich cuisine. The reader is free to enjoy and discover the complexity the city offers. He tried to show different communities that live together in the city. It’s a fun way to learn more about Vietnam, whether you’ve been there before or not.

Head to Derainne’s Instagram to see more of his work.