Wilfrid Wood’s Portraits Are Hilarious

Portrait artist Wilfrid Wood does something most portrait artists don’t. His portraits don’t emphasize the models’ best features. Instead, he specializes in creating hilarious, satirical portraits that always get attention.

He likes finding interesting people on Instagram and using their faces as subjects. Over time, his inbox became full of messages from people who wanted to be involved or to commission him. He’s also not a stranger to asking someone to do a portrait of them in person.

“The other day I was walking down the street and a fantastic looking schoolboy with a huge afro passed me on the street. I very nearly stopped and asked if I could draw him but couldn’t quite summon the courage. When I got home I told my boyfriend and he said do NOT go round asking schoolboys back to your flat for a couple of hours so you can draw them. The voice of sanity,” he tells It’s Nice That.

Years of experience thought him not to judge a model before he does a drawing. He had done failed portraits of fashion models and gorgeous pictures of ordinary people with interesting features. Check out some of his work below and visit his Instagram for more.