Daily Purrr Creates Mural to Bring Awareness About Cats with Special Needs

Daily Purrr is a well-known page on Instagram. Latvian artist Ainars draws “stupid cat drawings on a daily basis”. Although he has been featured in many other media and gets many submissions each day, his recent commission fills his heart to the maximum.

A couple of weeks ago, he was contacted by two Instagram pages who proposed an art collaboration to raise awareness about a Russian animal shelter called Klyaksa shelter that hosts cats with special needs.

The artist received a bunch of photos of felines and made a few drawings. Then, when the perfect drawing was chosen, it got transformed into a mural created with the help of fellow street artists. The cat whose image was painted is Larry. He survived a car accident, fought for his life, and now he waits for his forever home.

“I hope you will like this story and will pay attention to this animal shelter. Who knows, maybe one day you will find a good friend for yourself among cats with special needs and make their life happy again,” Ainars shared on his Instagram profile.

Scroll down and check out the project below. Also, don’t forget to follow Daily Purrr on Instagram for more amazing drawings.