Anna Zhirova Crafts Delicious Hand-Painted Macarons

Amazing macaron artists aren’t that difficult to find on Instagram, but not many of them are creating something that we haven’t seen ever before. Anna Zhirova, however, found a way to stand out from the crowd with her truly astonishing hand-painted macarons.

The Russian food artist has a background in architecture, and she graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute. The years of being a passionate artist, architect, and designer equipped her with the skill and attention to detail required to become a macaron master.

Zhirova doesn’t experiment with the shapes of her macarons, and they’re usually round or heart-shaped, but that’s not stopping them from looking unique. Her macaroons are special because she puts a lot of effort into hand-painting them, and it’s truly amazing to see all the beautiful designs she comes up with.

On her official website, Zhirova explains that “the idea of drawing on macarons spring to mind accidentally and quickly fascinated [her]”, and it didn’t take long for other people to fall in love with her work. She even offers courses teaching people how to design their hand-painted macarons that look just as amazing as hers.