Former Accountant Makes Braids and People are Fascinated

Easily inspired by random things, like patterns on rugs or tattoos, Macedonian mom and hair-enthusiast Trendafilka Kirova creates beautiful braids that every girl dreams of. Despite braids being her obsession and passion, the former accountant and auditor never imagined she would do them as her full-time job.

Now she owns a studio, where she does braids on models and mannequins. She also has a YouTube channel where she teaches her audience how to do the hairstyles, from classic to romantic updos to braids perfect for almost any occasion.

The variety of her videos is great for those who like to challenge themselves and for others who are more into easy DIY hairstyles that you can create in no time. As mentioned earlier, Kirova finds inspiration in various things, but she especially likes to interact with her audience and promote her name with new hairstyling techniques.

Having over 21 million views on YouTube and more than 231,000 Instagram followers, the hairstylist also won the #ONESHOT Hair Awards in 2019.

In the gallery below you can see some of her beautiful creations that look like they are from fairytales. Following her work is a must if you are a braids fanatic too.