Armand Cabrera’s Countryside Paintings Soothe the Soul

Have you ever looked at a painting and felt that it looked so real? Sometimes it’s not so much about how a painting looks, but more how it feels, that affects us so deeply. Not unlike the impressionistic era, Armand Cabrera’s work is a great example of art that interprets a scene so vividly that it not only mimics it—but also elevates it.

With nearly 19,000 followers on Instagram, Cabrera clearly has a fan club, and it’s not hard to see why. If you’ve ever loved riding a train through a beautiful countryside, you’ll absolutely love his paintings. The artist often paints with oil, and depicts lush, green meadows with a soft stroke that makes one feel relaxed and at ease. His work truly makes one feel as though they’re walking towards the hills of Tuscany.

There’s a certain blurred quality to his approach that adds just the right dose of magic to these landscapes. Cabrera is so skilled that his technique allows him to evoke emotion from his viewers. If you like what you see from these paintings and want to find more, we highly suggest you check out his Instagram account and give him a follow.