Voglio Bene Tattoos Subjects in Classic Paintings

The subjects in classic paintings are usually depicted without tattoos or any major body modifications. But the art project “Voglio Bene” is looking to change this.

Founded by photographer and street artist Benedicte Piccolillo, Voglio Bene is known for various artistic endeavors that look to marry classic art, and alternative and punk culture. One of the more intriguing ways Piccolillo does it is by tattooing the subjects of classic paintings from the baroque and renaissance periods.

Piccolillo, who often works alongside her partner Pascal, started this interesting project while honing her Photoshop skills. Already amazed with the opportunities this software offers, she soon discovered it as a perfect way to bring together her appreciation for the works of old masters and her interest in urban and modern types of art.

The works of Voglio Bene usually originate in digital form but are also found in lots of other incarnations. The tattoo-infused paintings are also available as prints and on merchandise like t-shirts, bags, and more.

Voglio Bene’s tattoo interventions on classical paintings can be browsed on the project’s official website as well as on social media. Check out some of the ones we liked the most below.