Artist Collects Vintage Photos, Books, and Magazines to Create Whimsical Collages

For artist Shane Wheatcroft, finding the material for his artworks is just as fun and eventful as creating them. Wheatcroft spends a lot of his time browsing antique shops, eBay, and flea markets in an effort to find vintage photos, books, and magazines. He then uses them to create whimsical collages that have been his main creative outlet for the past five years.

Wheatcroft’s collages are usually centered on a single person that has their face covered with all sorts of seemingly random images. This way, you get a feeling that you are seeing through the person in the photo and into their thoughts, dreams and fears. This element of Wheatcroft’s works is actually what makes them so unique.

When it comes to his creative process, Wheatcroft prefers to take it as it comes. He chooses one particular photo and then works on it by adding photos and cutouts of different sizes. He lets the layout dictate his next move, allowing for unexpected outcomes. 

“Often, the initial image won’t feature in the final piece, but it’s been invaluable as a starting point,” Wheatcroft explains on his official website.

You can check out more of Wheatcroft’s works on his website and social media. Also, continue scrolling to see more of our favorites.