Radwa Magdy Draws Popular Characters With Colored Pencils

There are many reasons that we connect to art. Sometimes it’s because that artist has a specific vision in mind that we identify strongly with. But in other cases, the artist seeks to mimic something that was already created. Like a cover song, if you will. And we connect with these because we already recognize the piece of work they use as inspiration.

Such is the case with Radwa Magdy, and her amazing drawings of popular cartoon characters. Magdy uses colored pencils to illustrate some of your favorite on-screen personas, such as Goofy, Micky Mouse, the Mad Hatter, and the Joker.

Not only is she incredibly talented, but she also adds her own little twist. Magdy is very skilled at hitting the exact notes on what makes a certain character unique and then interpreting it in her own way.

This is definitely not an easy task to accomplish. Often, when artists try to offer their own “take” on a character, they sometimes take the character too far, and it becomes disconnected from the original. But that’s not what Magdy does. She’s expertly achieves the perfect balance, and her Instagram followers are loving every minute of it.