Artist Creates Art To Raise Awareness About Mother Earth

Tbilisi, Georgia-based, self-taught artist Tiki Baghashvili who creates art with pencils, acrylic and oil. According to her Facebook profile, “she always seeks to develop storytelling and techniques in her art”. Baghashvili draws and paints animals to raise awareness about all the bad things we are doing to our Mother Nature. She loves to say that “art makes us humans.”

“Mother earth is craving to survive. All of us who share this home should take care of the nature. Especially, when high level pollution is damaging our planet,” the artist shared on Bored Panda. In her work, you can see images of monkeys, flamingos, polar bears and so on.

Baghashvili’s first personal exhibition took place at Free Space in Batumi in July, 2018. She also shares her art work on her social media accounts, Instagram and Facebook, so scroll down and check out some of our favorites.