Artist Creates Inspiring Digital Illustrations That Look Handcrafted

Trevor Humphres is an American illustrator living and working in the Netherlands. His style is unique since it looks like claymation, but surprisingly enough, his works are all digital illustrations. Inspired by the “warm joy of life” like sunshine, surf, travel, and nature, the artist depicts illustrations people can relate to.

Like many of his colleagues, Humphres also creates his masterpieces digitally, using Adobe Illustrator. He explains that becoming a full-time artist was a little bit scary. However, now he enjoys the freedom that freelancing brings.

Humphres stated on his official page that he hopes his illustrations take you “to a place that you hold dear, or a feeling you would like to have someday”.

“My work has a traditional feel with a unique process of giving the art a painted look that appears handcrafted whether on screens or in print,” the artist explained. He hopes that each piece gives viewers “a special connection to this life.”

The talented illustrator currently has more than 6,000 followers on Instagram, where he shares some of his beautiful creations.

If you are interested to see his work, you should see the gallery below. Here are some of our favorites. Enjoy!