Artist Draws Silly Drawings Of Pets People Can’t Get Enough Of

Jay Cartner is a well-known name in the social media world. He became an internet sensation thanks to his hilarious drawings. Cartner started dabbling in art when he was a little boy, but nobody seemed to appreciate his creations.

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Another fun commission!

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“My husband, Grady, and I have 3 retired racing greyhounds – Stanley, Stuart and Kitty,” the artist told Bored Panda. “I’ve been making art since my first art class at 5 years old. No one has ever really been interested in my serious stuff, but my goofy little doodles seem to make people smile! I’ve been drawing for years, and greyhounds make perfect models.”

His rise to fame began when he started posting the funny doodles onto his Facebook profile.

 “I succeeded in making myself laugh and posted these sketches on Facebook in case it might make someone else smile,” he added. “I had no idea they would be quite this popular!”

Since then, the artist got a bunch of requests to draw people’s pets, and even children.

If you want to see more of Cartner’s work, check out his Instagram page below.