Artist Draws Towers Where Faces Should Be

Did you like your art classes when you were attending school? How well did you do with drawing faces? Well, an artist who goes by the name of Thales doesn’t know how to paint faces, but that didn’t stop him from drawing them anyway—in his own way.

The artist, illustrator, street artist, “ad man” and former “VP creative director in several agencies” draws tower figures influenced by pop culture icons, old school cartoons, and skateboarding culture. Sponge Bob, Mickey Mouse, Simpsons, and Super Mario are some of the characters Thales has depicted.

He currently lives in Tel-Aviv, Israel, has reached almost 7,000 Instagram followers. He explains that he seeks motivation from “spreading good vibes with colorful and fun art.”

“When people ask me why I paint Tower heads, I answer that they represent the dilemmas, noises, distraction and confusion inside every person’s mind, like 1,000 people in an office building talking at the same time,” he said in a statement on Bored Panda.

To see some of our favorites, check out the gallery below. Follow him on Instagram if you want to learn more about the artist and hop onto his website and take a look at his products.