Artist Illustrates Black and White Streets Full of Stories

Illustrator Hey Mady tells interesting stories through her black and white illustrations. The Philippines-based artist enjoys portraying urban streets with many buildings neatly organized and bursting with life. Her style reminds us of comic books. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that the only residents of her streets are cats. Other details, like plants and signs, help you imagine life from the illustrations.

She graduated with a degree in Communications, but she was at the end of her studies when she realized that art was what she wanted to do. She ultimately pursued design even though she never had any formal training.

“I realized that I was never really alone in the journey,” the artist told It’s Nice That. “I learned an immense amount of knowledge about the field from the people I’ve been with, from books that I’ve read and from the overall experience of being in the industry.”

When you’re passionate about what you do and want to learn about it, no obstacle is big enough. Today, Mady has a rich portfolio of commercial and personal projects and is still developing as an artist.

Check out her art below and follow her on Instagram for more!