Artist Makes Animal Portraits Using Only Needle and Wool

Belarus artist Katerina Karavai began her artistic journey when she was only seven years old. Her first real interaction with art was in art school, and following her beginnings, she later received a diploma in fashion design.

“I was always interested in different types of needlework, but I had enough time only to create gifts for family and friends. It was embroidered ribbons and crosses, watercolor pictures, sewing toys, and frameless chairs,” Karavai shared in a statement on Etsy.

After working many years in a wedding salon and giving birth to her second child, Karavai wanted to do something different. That’s when she discovered wool painting.

“Using only wool and not a drop of glue, for five years, I have been helping people keep fond memories of their pets. First, I did the paintings for himself, then for friends, and after came the first order… And here I’m still in this process,” she added.

The artist also has an Instagram account where she posts images of her creations and an Etsy store where she shares her creativity, and if you want to decorate your home with one of her works, check her out, because “I put in my paintings a part of myself and my soul.”