Lines of Text Pop from the Page to Create Impressive Book Sculptures

Stephen Doyle is a graphic designer with an interesting hobby. When he isn’t working on big projects for high-profile brands with his New York-based studio Doyle Partners, Doyle crafts book sculptures as part of the series Hypertexts.

In his pieces, lines of text pop directly from the page and connect with neighboring lines at random points. This not only creates intriguing shapes but also gives a whole other meaning to the message that the author of the text meant to convey. 

Doyle has a meticulous approach to his sculptures. He first chooses the book and then embarks on the path of finding the right lines to connect. After finishing the research process, he cuts each line by hand. The lines are then shaped and linked to bring his creative vision to life.  

According to Doyle, his sculptures serve as testaments to the power of language and miniature monuments. With them, he wants to send a message that “art defies gravity, art defies logic, and art defies expectations.”

Doyle’s works have been featured in numerous publications in recent years, including The New Yorker and The Atlantic. He also created platform posters for the SVA Subway series, with the subject being his impressive paper sculptures. 

Check out more of his creations below.