Artist Recreates People’s Homes Using LEGO Bricks

Shari Austrian, known online as Little Brick Lane, recreates other people’s houses by using LEGO bricks. The result is a 3D, pixelated version of her client’s homes, with the Architectural design and LEGO construction complimenting each other nicely.

Austrian was playing with LEGOs throughout her entire childhood but abandoned her hobby when she grew up. However, when she became a mom she was reintroduced to the blocks, and in 2015 she used them to make a miniature version of the house she and her family were building.

Soon, the New York-based mom was constructing other people’s homes as well. In 2017 she launched her project Little Brick Lane, and has since made many miniature versions of one and two-story houses. “I thank my children for reintroducing me to LEGO and my husband for supporting my creative passions,” she wrote on her Etsy store where she also thanks her clients for allowing her to help build their dreams.

If you are curious to see her work, have a look at her Instagram page below.