Game Artist Bakes Cookies Which Are a Feast for the Eyes

The sensational baker behind the Instagram account Sugar Baked goes simply by his first name, Jared. Describing himself on Instagram as a “game artist by day, baker by night”, he began decorating sugar cookies back in 2016 when he was feeling a lack of passion for his day job.

“Since then, I’ve had the most fun decorating cookies of whimsical characters — some well-known and others I’ve created myself,” he shared on Bored Panda. “Decorating helps me relive my youth and reminds me of my Saturday mornings watching cartoons.”

A fan of cartoon characters, flat-lays, and cutter flips, his decorated cookies look almost too nice to eat. His baked goods include designs of anime characters like Sailor Moon and Totoro, cartoonish looking animals, monsters, and flowers.

If you are curious to see his work, check out the gallery below or have a look at his Instagram account for more.