The Epic Pokémon Drawings of Grey Edmonson

Artist Grey Edmonson is a mixed media illustrator who loves Pokémon. Starting February 2019 he began his Pokémon illustration series, classifying them based on their type. “Drawing an 18-piece series was a feat unlike any I’d attempted before, and it certainly stretched me as an artist,” Edmonson shared with Bored Panda. “It was a challenge to keep each composition fresh while also just desperately trying to make 12 characters fit on a page!”

Altogether, he drew 198 different Pokémon characters with their two trainers, each piece taking him around 10 hours to complete. “This series was born during my time at an office job, each piece was drawn with a mechanical pencil on copy paper from the printer, and I could not be more proud of the results,” he explained. “Now that my project is complete, I’m honestly not quite sure what to do with myself, but you can be sure I’ll keep drawing!”

To see his creations, check out the gallery below, and follow him on Instagram for more.

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Pokémon Type Project #9 – Dragon Type – August 2019 >> SWIPE through for close-ups! >> I guess he hasn’t gotten to the page where it says how important it is to ALWAYS BE WATCHING THE EGG- This piece… really tested my dedication to the series. I made a LOT of concepts before I was happy with one. Originally the dragons were all going to be taking a nap together in a cave with Manly nestled in amongst them, but having all those BIG Pokémon laying down took up a lot of space and I had to draw it as if the viewer was standing far away just to get everyone to fit on the page. The resulting scene looked cramped and did not at all match the proportions established in the rest of the series. Much like the design struggle with Psychic type, deciding to scrap the concept I’d fought so hard for felt like a lost battle. However, the fresh slate was freeing and the end result was a victory of its own. I guess I’m still learning that holding on too tight to something that just isn’t working seldom pays off in the creative process! Has there been a time you’ve had to retreat a smaller battle to win a bigger one? Let me know in the comments (or just geek out with me about cute Dratini hatchlings-)! #TypeTuesday #Pokemon #PokemonGO #Pokemonart #dragon #dragontype #traditionalart #monochrome #illustration #illo #artistsoninstagram #manga #anime #Flygon #Salamence #Noivern #Drampa #Latias #Turtonator #Tyrunt #Sliggoo #Dratini #Jangmo-o #Fraxure

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