Animator Used Over 1,000 Pounds of Plasticine to Create His Film

Sam Gainsborough is an award-winning animation director and the creator of the movie Facing It. The London-based artist is best-known for mixing physical animation with digital techniques to create a tactile and hand-made look.

His recent project is about a young man struggling with everyday problems, like relationships, social anxiety, and the fear of being rejected by people (in other words: he’s human, just like us!). Gainsborough showcases his characters emotions through contorts, melting, rippling, dripping, and swirling faces made of clay that are positioned on human bodies.

“When making this film, it was really important to me that you could see the fingerprints, and even more than that, each drip of the film is the size of a thumb that kind of tactile filmmaking is something I really wanted to incorporate,” he explained on Vimeo.

Check out his newest film on Vimeo or follow him on Instagram to be updated about his future plans.

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