Artist Shares Hilarious Comics About Being Obsessed With Dogs and Cats

Whatsupbeanie is a comic made by a girl who says that she is an animator by day, comic artist by night. She also describes herself as the most awkward person in the entire world. Beanie, which is actually a nickname that stuck, makes comics about being obsessed with dogs and cars, even though she doesn’t have one.

“I am an artist who draws comics about my life and my obsession with dogs (and cats!),” the artist shared on Bored Panda.

According to her Instagram account, she needs at least two hours to draw a comic, however, coming up with an idea isn’t easy at all.

“I still struggle with this,” she added. But doing art as a job means you can’t give up, so I always have to work through it. It helps to take breaks and do something else for a little bit or break up work into smaller task (like maybe just doodle some silly sketches.”

Beanie also has many stories she is working on and she hopes to make a graphic novel one day. Until then, you can find her work on Instagram where she shares her funny art pieces.