Artist Works Does Hyper-Realistic Portraits of People

Asya E. is a gifted Belgium-based artist who makes hyper-realistic pencil drawings you could easily mix with black and white photographs. She works full-time at Chanel, but she accepts commissions and depicts human portraits whenever can. She really tries focusing on the tiniest details.

On Asya’s Instagram account, where she has attracted more than 53,000 followers, you can find remarkable images of women, children, couples, and parents with babies. Thanks to her talent, her DM is full of orders from people all around the world.

She started her artistic journey back when she was a little girl when she first learned how to hold a pencil. Working hard all these years, she perfected her talent to the maximum and gained much confidence. It is such a blessing to follow your passion and do what you love the most, right?

She begins her project by receiving a photograph she needs to recreate. Then with a graphite pencil, she makes a rough sketch, and only after that she starts focusing on the details. As she explained, she makes an extra effort to create the eyes, which are the mirror of the soul.

If you want to see her portraits, check out the gallery below.