How a Talented Chinese Animator Made it Big in the States

Ke Yang is a talented artist from China who finished her studies in the United States. When she was a little girl, she always wanted to hold a pencil and draw something, whether it be in her textbook or on a wall in someone’s house.

Yang was fortunate enough to have her parents’ full support when choosing her path. She was always into watching Pixar, Ghibli films, and manga. But to improve her talent, she wanted to study abroad, which made it even better when she got accepted into a prestigious university. Grateful to her teachers who she described as “incredibly talented and always generously sharing their knowledge and technique”, Yang landed her first job in Vancouver at Bron Studios for a Netflix feature animation called The Willoughbys.

“I feel so lucky that I had the opportunities to work on some of my favorite productions,” she said in an interview for VoyageLA. “Color script and set design are some of my favorite things to do! I’ve worked with clients like Laika, Netflix, and Sony to create visual art for the film.”

She explained that her inspirations come from various places, including fashion design, pottery, photography, or even “bizarre knowledge in history.”

Scroll down and check out this incredibly talented girl in the gallery below.