Artist’s Comics Explores Mystical Ideas of the Afterlife

With his hilarious comics, Norwegian artist Jorgen Van Santen imagines what happens after people pass away. Do we go to heaven, or do we get reincarnated?

Titled Death & the Maiden, the comic series is about a girl and her everyday afterlife. Together with Death, she goes back to the world of the living and takes part in all kinds of adventures, meeting all kinds of living beings, mainly animals and celebrities.

The comics currently have over 14,000 Instagram followers and tens of thousands of likes on each post. According to the artist, the idea of the afterlife was born because of his fear of death and not being religious. Death & the Maiden was created in 2016 and done for a national comics contest.

“The contest gave me purpose and a deadline. I needed at least 15 episodes to participate. The comic made the top 5, so I kept making more episodes for fun,” Van Santen told Bored Panda.

He then explained that when his following began to grow, he started publishing it in Norway’s largest newspaper and other magazines as well.

Check out the comics below!