Michael Is a Self-Taught Sewist Who Makes Outfits to Match With Daughter

The relationship between the father and his daughter can have a big impact on her future. Imagine what a strong and independent woman Ava will become, just because her dad treats her like a true princess.

The Philadelphian Michael Gardner, also known as “Ava’s Dad”, creates unique outfits for his daughter. But not just for herself—he also sews matching clothes for himself so he could be in tune with Ava.

The self-taught sewist, crafter, and DIY enthusiast began his outfit-creating journey back in 2014 because he wanted to bond with his daughter on another level. That is when his project titled Daddy Dressed Me by Michael Gardner was born.

“My mission is to help Ava build her self-esteem and establish confidence in herself and her abilities. I sew the clothes and Ava models,” Michael shared on his website. “It is a blessing to be able to combine my journey of fatherhood with my love of creativity while creating memories with my child.”

So far, Gardner has made more than 200 outfits and has reached almost 21,000 Instagram followers.

To see his beautiful creations, check out the gallery below. We picked our top favorites. Which one do you like the most? Tell us in the comments below.