Artist Paints 20-Story Joe Pye Weed Mural

Mona Caron is a Swiss-born and San Francisco-based artist famous for her large-scale and impressive murals that she creates all across the globe. Her latest piece, however, might be her most astonishing to date.

Caron recently unveiled a jaw-dropping botanical mural located on the 20-story building in Jersey City. The mural, which takes over the entire one side of the building, shows a single Joe Pye weed (eutrochium purpureum) with blooming flowers and leaves rising to the heights on a black background.

The making of the mural was part of the annual Jersey City Mural Arts Youth Summer Program (JCMAP), which aims to turn the city into an “outdoor gallery” and link emerging talents with established artists.

Caron and a group of young artists, aged from 14 to 24, first spent four weeks doing the neccessary research and designing the artwork. They started the painting process on July 13th and put the finishing touches on the piece three weeks later, on August 4th.

“A dream of Nature winning, of plant life being the one towering over us for a change, putting us back in our place,” wrote Caron on her Instagram while sharing the photo of the finished mural.

Check out more footage of this amazing piece of street art below.