Beth Evans’ Comics Are Simple, Yet Incredibly Insightful

Some of Instagram’s best illustrators didn’t build an enormous fan base because their drawings are incredibly detailed and elaborate, but because they actually have something to say. That’s the case with Beth Evans, who’s proving that less is more with her simple, yet insightful illustrations.

Evans attracted more than 300k followers since starting her Instagram page, and she deserves every single one of them. She usually draws “weird blob things” because they take less effort, but the words that accompany her comics are the ones that truly count.

Evans’ main mission is to create comics that “capture hard-to-describe feelings on a daily basis,” and that’s why her creations moved so many people over the years. Her comics are relatable in the best way possible, and they’re embracing both the good and the bad parts of life with incredible compassion.

Evans’ illustration became such a huge hit online that she ended up publishing four books of her comics, including I Really Didn’t Think This Through and adorable planner I Can’t Wait To Cancel This. They feature some of her best work, but you can still find a lot of it on her Instagram page.